VANITHA Vijayakumar Kalyanam

South indian actress vanitha who is the daughter of vijayakuar and manjula married Rajan Anandh and they have a daughter Jainitha (borin in 2009). This is the second marriage for Vanitha. The first marriage was with the actor Akash.  Now vanitha has gone to court for divorcing the second husband.
More details: Vanitha is now 31. Initially she married the actor Akash and they have two children: vijayshrihari and jovika. Then they divorced each other. Later vanitha married Rajan anand (41) and they have a child Jainitha. Their relationship was having problem. At one stage Vijayakumar gave a police complaint and Anand was arrested. Now vanitha and her second husband have gone to court for divorce.

vanitha vijayakumar with her second husand anand and daughterjainitha
vanitha vijayakuar old and latest photos
sridevi vijayakumar is another daughter of actor vijaykumar